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What is Tailwind?


Tailwind allows you to use low cost control modules and your smart device to control and monitor many things from anywhere in the world over the internet, or even locally without the internet.


I can’t wait to control all 3 of my garage doors with one Tailwind. [Other brand] was way more expensive!
~ Laura

I had [other brand]. I took it back. I couldn’t get it to work. Looking forward to better success with Tailwind
~ Adam

We had stuff stolen out of our shed, so we are going to monitor our shed with it
~ Gillian

We are going to monitor our barn, make sure the stall doors are closed, and our electric fence is plugged in
~ Cindy

Our basement flooded because our sump pump switch failed. We are going to make sure that doesn’t happen again
~ Henry

We have a house alarm but it isn’t monitored. We are going to monitor it ourselves with Tailwind.
~ Jay

We are going to use Tailwind with a motion sensor so we get notified if someone comes in our yard at night
~ Ben

I’m going to offer it to my customers. I install fireplaces for a living. They’re going to love this, and it’s affordable
~ Jeff

We left our garage door open all night recently. I’m going to use Tailwind to make sure that doesn’t happen again
~ Anonymous

Our sprinkler controller is really old. We are going to upgrade it to Tailwind, and I’m going to spray my kids when they least expect it
~ Anonymous

What will you do with Tailwind?

We want to hear your ideas! What will you do with Tailwind and why is this important to you?

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Hubs are expensive. Tech products are expensive. Sure, early adopters are often willing to pay higher prices for the latest technology, but to drive true market adoption the pricing has to be low enough for any home owner to consider a purchase. We developed Tailwind to be the lowest cost way to control and monitor many things around a typical home, and the list is growing fast. Appliance and equipment manufacturers will soon realize how easy and cost effective it really is to integrate our technology into their products. In addition, independent developers will be able to do amazing things with Tailwind by creating and integrating exciting applications.


Today’s products and platforms are trying too hard to accommodate every possible scenario – resulting in too much complexity for the end user. Tailwind keeps things simple. It’s simple to set up.  It’s simple to use.

Industry Standardization

Ok, so we can’t snap our fingers and make this industry problem disappear. Standards drive market adoption in every industry.  Smart Home Automation currently has a number of different standards competing in the marketplace, and they don’t talk with each other. Imagine if the computer industry was still doing that with wifi? “I’m sorry, but your laptop won’t work in this coffee shop because it works on a different standard than our wireless router”. The patent pending networking code used by Tailwind allows it to take advantage of the same wireless standards as computers – meaning it’s already in most homes, laptops, smart phones, and is well established. That also means that communicating with other internet enabled devices and platforms is possible through software, regardless of what standards they may use. So, while the industry battles out the standards game, the Tailwind platform lays the foundation for connecting to almost any network that would allow your smartphone, watch, or laptop to talk to it. Our team is dedicated to making Tailwind as affordable and easy to use as possible, and we are willing to work with any other platform provider to enhance user experiences.

You don’t need special hubs because Tailwind will talk directly to your wireless router, or even directly to your phone if you don’t have a router. You don’t need to program anything. Just install your Tailwind module(s), download the app, and follow the instructions to configure it.

Want to control your gas fireplace with your smart watch?  Install a Tailwind module in your fireplace.  Or maybe you’d like to be able to open/close/monitor all your garage doors even while you’re away from home?

No problem.

One Tailwind module can control and monitor up to 3 garage doors and turn on the optional LED light.  Or maybe you don’t have a monitoring service for your home security system because it’s too expensive. Tailwind can add monitoring by notifying you if your home alarm goes off while you’re away, or it can even function as a security system in areas like garages and sheds. Garage doors, pool / spa heaters, sprinkler systems, gas fireplaces, sump pump water levels, landscape lighting, security – all with one low cost product.

And that’s just the beginning.

Tailwind devices help each other communicate using patent pending mesh networking P2P technology.  That means you can put a Tailwind module in a location that is out of reach of your router, and other Tailwind modules in your home will attempt to act as “go between” points to extend the range.