Frequently Asked Questions

How many things can I control / monitor with each Tailwind?

Each Tailwind module can control/monitor up to 3 things.  What you choose to control / monitor is up to you.  It can be 3 garage doors, regular doors, windows, sprinkler system valves, a pool/spa heater, fireplace, security system zones and notifications, sump pump water level, etc.  Each module ships standard with 1 wiring harness.  To control additional things, just add the appropriate number of additional wiring harnesses.

Why do other systems need a hub or bridge and Tailwind doesn’t?

Other systems use a hub or bridge for one of two reasons.  Either they build multiple protocols and radios into the hub to make it talk to more 3rd party products, or they just don’t use standard wifi in their devices and need something to translate the data into something your home router will understand.  Tailwind is different.  Tailwind devices simply connect to your home’s wifi just like your smart phone, laptop, or any other wifi device so they don’t need any proprietary hubs or bridges. That doesn’t mean Tailwind won’t work with other platforms. Our team is dedicated to making Tailwind as affordable and easy to use as possible, and we are willing to work with any other platform provider to enhance user experiences.

What is the range of Tailwind?

The range is really a function of your wireless router.  In our testing we’ve found that the range of Tailwind meets or exceeds the range of typical wifi routers.  If you want to know if Tailwind will work in a certain location in your home, simply take your smart phone to that location and see if you have wifi.  If you do, Tailwind should work there.

My wifi doesn’t reach the location where I want to install a Tailwind module. Does that mean I’m out of luck?

No. Tailwind modules are designed to help each other communicate in a manner similar to popular mesh networks.  So if you install another Tailwind between your home wifi router and the location you’re trying to reach, it will act as a “go between”, effectively extending the range of communication.

How can I tell if Tailwind will work with my garage door opener?

Tailwind has been designed to work with virtually all garage door openers old and new. If your door opener has a button mounted on your garage wall, and you have a safety mechanism that detects obstruction (typically this is an invisible beam of light across the door), it should work. Please visit our installation tips page for more details.

How can I tell if Tailwind will work with my pool / spa heater?

Check your heater manual. Tailwind can turn on any appliance that can be activated by closing contacts / completing a low voltage circuit, up to 1A. Please visit our installation tips page for more details.

How can I tell if Tailwind will work with my sprinkler system?

First check to see how many zones you have. Each Tailwind can control 3 zones. If you have more than 3 zones you will need to purchase more Tailwind modules. Tailwind can control industry standard 24V valves. Please visit our installation tips page for more details.